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Why Private Lessons

Private lessons provides an unique learning experience for the student. Students typically are in classrooms where there’s one teacher for every 28 to 32 students. With private lessons the teacher to student dynamic is drastically different in that it’s one on one. Unfortunately in the classroom students often are held back, left behind, or lost in the middle. I can focus on the needs of the individual student wherever they are.

Another advantage to private lessons is that the student has the opportunity to work with an instructor for an extended period of time. In the school setting a student is with a teacher for 10 months. Many of my students I teach from elementary through high school. Working with a student for a long period of time allows me to know the student in ways that can’t happen in 10 months. As well as a student getting to know me their instructor. This potentially creates a bond that offers a huge benefit in learning.

Teaching Goal

My goal is to instill and inspire a life long passion for drumming with my students. That could mean many things. Such as pursuing a career in performance, music education, or simply playing as a hobby.


I think it’s important as human beings to have a creative outlet. Drumming is fantastic for both physical and emotional well being.

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