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Who, How & What I Teach

Who I Teach

I enjoy teaching students of all ages and skill levels. Most of my students over the years have been beginners starting with their school music programs. Typically 9 or 10 years of age. I’ve taught students 5 years of age up to 80 years young.

Sometimes new students have concerns as far as not having any drumming skills. I like to inform students (and their parents) that “wherever you’re at is fine, we’ll move forward from there.” The one attribute that is necessary for success is a sincere interest in learning the art of drumming.

How I Teach

My approach is to teach drums as one would teach a language. I start with the A B C’s of the language of rhythm. Then how to create words with those basic components. Finally I teach how one can express oneself with the learned vocabulary.

What I Teach

Drumming is multifaceted. In order to play drums many skills must occur all at once:

  • The ability to keep good time. To play with a steady pulse or beat.

  • Striking the drums with skill. Technique, the how to “whack the drum.”

  • The skill of dividing the pulse into different intervals. Known as subdividing.

  • Coordination and independence. Using all four limbs on different voices of the drum set all at once.

  • Reading. Being able to interpret rhythms in their notated form.

  • The ability to focus one’s mind and concentrate for extended periods of time.

  • Learning how to listen. To yourself and most importantly other musicians.

  • How to practice. The what to do, how to do it, and for how long.

The Most Important Skill I Teach

How to learn. One would think that there’s nothing to it. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is essential for success that one understands the process of learning. Whether it be learning how to play the drums and more importantly anything one chooses in life.

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