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About David

Even though I was always interested in drumming I formally started with the Miller Place Elementary school music program in the fourth grade. Arthur Johnson was my instructor. At 13, I began private lessons with local drum instructor Bill Dwyer. When I was 19 I studied with Long Island great Dom Famularo. I was also privileged to have studied with Al Miller and Jim Chapin.

I consider all of my favorite drummers my teachers as well. Drummers such as Ringo Star, John Bohnam, Mitch Mitchel, Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, Steve Smith, Stewart Copeland, Pete Thomas, to name a few.

At 16 I started teaching drums.

I’m a graduate of Suffolk County Community College with a Liberal Arts degree.

At 19 I began performing in local bars and clubs with a cover band playing popular music from the 60’s through the 80’s. At 20 I began playing in bands playing original music. Performing primarily in N.Y.C. I pursued a career playing original music up until 32 years of age. I then put all of my focus on teaching.

After 40 years experience teaching drums I’m now in the process of completing a series of educational drum books.

I am a member of the Sabian Education Network (SEN).

Today I’m just as enthusiastic about playing and teaching as I was when I first started.

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