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I liken the teacher student dynamic to the idea of being in a row boat. The teacher with knowledge and experience steers the boat. Whereas the student rows. The distance traveled (progress) is determined by the student’s effort in rowing (practice). Regardless of how much knowledge and experience the teacher has little or no progress will be made if the student doesn’t practice. With both the teacher steering and the student rowing getting to the desired destination (your goals) is assured.

Teachers Responsibility


It’s my responsibility to get ideas across to students. I recently saw a sign that read, “I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you.” This would be a horrible attitude to have as a teacher. It’s nearly always the teacher’s failure when a student doesn’t understand a given idea. Many approaches can be made to facilitate comprehension. For me when the standard way of explanation is unsuccessful that opens up the opportunity of explaining an idea in a new way. Teaching requires creativity. Students are different from one another. Having just one approach is limiting to success. Most importantly a teacher should never place their limitations onto a student. In my experience children have limitless potential and should be taught as such.

Students Responsibility


Taking private lessons to learn the art of drumming is not a requirement. It’s assumed that the student has a sincere interest. That said learning how to learn, how to practice, what to practice, as well as developing the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time is a process. These skills will be learned with assistance. What is required that I or any teacher can’t do for the student is making the effort necessary to learn. I say to my students, “Do you want to be an okay drummer? Than make an okay effort. Do you want to be a good drummer? Then make a good effort. Do you want to be an excellent drummer? Then an excellent effort is required. How much effort is required to be a great drummer? A great effort!” Simply put, effort is success. This is empowering. To know that if an effort is made so is progress. The greater the effort the greater the progress.

The Teacher Student Dynamic

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